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Blackjack Strategy for Splitting Pairs

split Blackjack is considered to be one of the most complicated games to play, so many professional players share their gaming experience and knowledge to help others. This is how was the basic blackjack strategy created with such a helpful blackjacks strategy chart! If players want to become real blackjack gurus, they have to learn how to play blackjack and then master their skills constantly by practicing online, playing with skilled players and also reading blackjack books or watching the educational movies on this subject.

But no one wants to lose a lot during their learning, of course. That is why it is recommended to make use of basic strategies which contain sets of the best moves, which may be made by players. Those moves guide were created by professional players, who played blackjack for a long period of time and understood the dependence of the card which have been dealt already and cards, which are still in the shoe.

Those strategies were developed according to the hands that players have. There are special basic strategies for hard and soft hands. But there is also one more type of blackjack hand – hand where two cards are of the same rank. In this situation players should use the Strategy for Splitting Pairs.

Here is presented the basic strategy when playing blackjack with a hand that consists of a pair. This is also called the splitting pairs strategy.

Player's hand

Dealer's hand

Basic rules


A pair of 2s, 3s or 7s


2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7

Split or Hit
It is advised to split pairs of 2s, 3s or 7s if the dealer's card is from 2 to 7. In other cases it is advised to hit, as there is a high possibility of the dealer to go bust.


A pair of 4s


5 or 6

Split or Hit
It is advised to split a pair of 4s only if the dealer's card is 5 or 6. In any other cases it is always advised to hit, as the hand of 8 in total gives players great chances to get closer to 21 when hitting.


A pair of 6s


2, 3, 4, 5 or 6

Split or Hit
In this case the pair of 6s is advised to be split as the dealer's card from 2 to 6 can make him go bust.


A pair of 8s or Aces


Always Split
Pairs of 8s and Aces should always be split as the hands total 16 or 12 are considered to be the worst as the risk of going bust is very high.


A pair of 9s


2, 3, 4, 5 or 6

In this case if the dealer's cards are from 2 to 6, he is more likely to go bust and a player has better opportunity to win his/her bet.


A pair of 9s


8 or 9

Having 18 in total means that in case of hitting, the probability of losing is very high and in case of standing the chances of winning are not high either, that is why the best option would be to split in the hope of better cards for each hand.


A pair of 9s


7, K or Ace

It is advised to stand as the player's hand of 18 in total is more likely to beat the dealer's hand if the first card is 7, K or Ace.


A pair of 5s and 10s


Never split
The hand of 10 or 20 is a gift for any blackjack player, so it is not wise to split them.


Educational Movies

Being a highly interesting and popular game of skill, blackjack is honored to be featured in various movies. They can be educational or entertaining, but in both cases they reveal the magnificence of this game and help players to acquire useful information easily. Players do not get bored as it is fun to study this way.

The article is featuring reviews of the most popular interesting and what is more important educational movies on blackjack. Learning can be fun and easy. If you want to get additional information, you are welcome to visit blackjackdoc.com and find what you need.


Educational books

Blackjack is one of the most famous and fascinating games of skill. It is pretty old but, nevertheless, has not lost its popularity. Players around the world are trying to learn how to play this game successfully by various means. This article is going to reveal the easier way of learning blackjack rules and strategies.

Educational books are the best choice for those, wishing to get to know main principles of the game without being bored. Books are mainly written by professional blackjack players who teach from their own experience. Read the reviews of the most helpful blackjack books and learn easily!


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